What is Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Blender)?

Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Blender) also known as Bitcoin Tumbler is a website or app that accepts bitcoins and mixes them with other coins. BTC mixing services are not used only for illegal purposes. Sometimes you need to hide your trail and ownership of cryptocurrency from ransomware, protect yourself or buy something anonymously.

How to use Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Blender)?

It is legal to use anonymity tools such as a Bitcoin Mixer to hide your Bitcoin transactions which could otherwise be viewed by anyone through blockchain explorers. Hence, it is important to mix bitcoins to protect yourself from risks and threats from hackers. BTC mixer is one of the leading Bitcoin Tumblers on the market today that is easy to use, even for beginners. Users can complete the Bitcoin mixing process in 3 simple steps

How doest BTC mixer work?

Today, almost all cryptocurrency services require users to verify their identity for KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures and anti-money laundering (AML) purposes. This means that your bitcoin address is directly connected to all your data. Exploring incoming transactions can lead to your wallets, holdings, other accounts, and purchases. To solve this problem, users are highly recommended to use Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Blender). Instead of sending a specific amount of coins to a destination address, users send them to the mixing service. The service mixes all the transactions between users, making funds impossible to trace and connect with the original owner. In the end, the user's destination address will receive the transaction from one or more addresses that can’t be related to any wallets or exchange accounts.

Does BTC mixer store any logs?

Does BTC mixer store any logs? The main mission of our project is to protect the anonymity of bitcoin users. We do not record logs or any other personal data. Unlike other services, we don’t track the transaction statistics which could lead to de-anonymization.

How much are the fees for using BTC blender?

The service fee is fixed: 0.1%. Please also note that like with any other on-chain transaction, the miners' fee is also subtracted. This is a flat fee of 0.25 mBTC per each destination address, which we will periodically update the fee to roughly reflect the actual miners’ fees.

I have suddenly closed the browser during mixing process, what should I do now?

If you have already sent coins to our Bitcoin Tumbler, your order will be executed normally. You can also get back on the page by using the order id from your Letter of Guarantee. Your mixing page is valid for up to 24 hours.

How long does the generated deposit address stay active?

The mixing order is valid for 24 hours from the time of order activation.

How many confirmations are required to start mixing?

Our BTC Tumbling service requires only 3 blockchain confirmations for all orders below 1 BTC. If you mix more than 2 BTC, you will need to wait for 3 confirmations.

Enter the address you want the Bitcoin forwarded to:

{{delay ? 'Remove delay' : 'Set delay'}}
Service Fee: {{getFee()}}%

Time delay

Amount to Send:
BTC to {{operation.data.InputAddress}}
Amount to Receive:
BTC ({{item.percent}}%) after {{item.delay}}h immediately
to {{item.address}}

Did you know?: Logs of any nature are not maintained with our Bitcoin mixer. We do not store any information that can be used to identify you either.